It is important to know that we take serious the Bible’s call for parents to be the primary disciplers of their children. You, not the children’s ministry, are responsible before God on how you have equipped them to know and follow Jesus. You are the main diet and we, the children’s ministry, are the vitamin supplement. You are primary and we are secondary. That being said, a children’s ministry can be extremely helpful in equipping and partnering with you in this tough journey of parenting. As such, we make ourselves fully available to you for counsel, prayer, encouragement and training. We are not experts but we know the power of Christ and we love your children as we want to give you whatever we have. 
Here are a few things we do to try to encourage you in your role and keep us effective in our role:
  • We try to offer a weekend parents seminar every year to encourage and equip you with tools
  • We offer an 8-week Sunday morning Life Class every Spring on parenting that is outstanding!
  • Ultimately through these and other venues, we desire to build friendships and church family around you and your child so that we can accomplish our God-glorifying goals in the power of the Holy Spirit together.