The Timothy Pastoral Apprenticeship is a three-year radically church-centered theological training program that couples strenuous academics with hands-on, invested ministry in the life of a local church.

Academic Component-
Half the TPA experience is a series of rigorous classes with other TPA students and mentor pastors. Hebrew, Greek, theology, preaching, Biblical literature, church history – to grow elders and pastors who love the Bible.

Apprenticeship Component-
Half of the TPA curriculum is mentored, hands-on, life-on-life discipleship and ministry experience in a local church context. TPA students are immersed in the context of ministry throughout the program.

We currently have two students who are training for international missions and several others within and outside of our church that considering our TPA program in the near future. 

To find out more visit thetpa.info and/or email office@southcanyonbaptist.org.