Kids Life Classes are currently on break until the fall.
Kids Life Classes is our small group bible study time (aka Sunday School) for kids from 9-10am at our church on Sunday mornings (during the school year). We take a break from Life Classes during the Summer. 
We have two preschool classes, a K-1st class, a 2nd-3rd grade class, and a 4th-5th grade class.  Our 4th-5th grade students go through a special study designed by one of our church members based off of “Children Desiring God” curriculum. It’s a unique experience that will ground them in their faith and prepare them well to enter the world of adolescence and transition into the youth ministry. Preschool through 3rd grade all journey through the same study at their age-appropriate levels.  Watch this short promo about the curriculum by clicking here.
All Children’s Sunday School classes are located on the east side of the building (to the left as you enter the main front lobby doors):
  • 2-3-year-olds preschool Life Class in room 109
  • 4-5-year-olds (preschool) Life Class in room
  • 123 K-1st grade Life Class in room 125
  • 2nd-3rd grade Life Class in room 202 (upstairs)
  • 4th-5th grade Life Class in room 203 (upstairs)
  • Middle & Highschool students in the Youth Room (Room 132)