There is always someone at the Kids Check-In Center in the lobby to answer your questions on Sunday mornings and help you get checked in and settled. 
Here are a few helpful guidelines for you to know about our nursery:
  •  All our volunteers are background checked and approved by the Caring Well team here at SCBC. 
  • Parents must follow the security sticker check-in procedure (the Kids Check-In staff will guide you through this quick process at the check-in center.)
  • Children will only be released to an adult who presents the matching security sticker at the time of check-out. Please keep this sticker with you and present it every time you are picking up your child. 
  • During the secure check-in process, you will receive a pager that we ask you to keep with you at all times. If an issue arises that requires our attention, the pager will vibrate and that will signal that we need you to come to the nursery immediately. 
  • The nursery staff is not authorized to feed children meals brought from home or administer medications. 
  • Please provide pull-ups for any child currently toilet training.
  • Please do not bring toys from home into the nursery. 
  • The nursery staff strives to work with each parent on the appropriate length of time a child is allowed to cry. If the child is inconsolable and cannot be comforted or consoled in a reasonable time frame, then the nursery staff will make the decision to page the parent.