The New City Catechism is a resource we love to use to equip parents in teaching their children core Christian truths. This system of question and answer memorization of theological statements and scriptures plants the essential truths deep into the hearts of children at a young age in order to build a biblical framework for living life. 
There are two interlocking places that we use this material:
1. We train leaders to lead children through the memorizing of the truths of The  New City Catechism during the childcare portion of our in-home Life Groups. Our desire is to use those gatherings where parents are discussing the sermon to also equip the kids to be learning important truths as well. It’s a double win for parents, they get their kids well cared for AND they get them personally discipled with truth.
2. We gather the kids every 1st & 3rd Sunday night of the month from 6PM-7:20PM at church for games, teaching, reciting of what they’ve memorized in an AWANA or VBS style format that is high energy and fun! This is our chance to pull all of the things together they’ve been learning in Life Groups and celebrate with some fun time together!
We strongly encourage parents to work with their children throughout the week on the Catechism and to memorize the truths and scriptures along with them.